Brand New Women Wide Blue Denim Fabric Corset Fashion Belt Hip Waist Red Flower Size S M

$ 57.99 $ 22.99

Brand: Alwaystyle4you

Brand New Trendy Urban Women Wide Fabric Floral Waistband Flowers Collection

Ladies Fashion Style Sexy Belt - day or night classic look or party time

Brand new sexy fun and edgy fashion special and unique stylish belt 

Ladies Fashion Casual Or Dressy Style Belt

Special Style Day Night Evening Party Or Work Fashion Belt

    Style : Casual look fashion   / Waist or Hip

    Condition : Brand New

    Color :  Blue denim fabric waistband + white tie string + red green and black stitches + silver metal hardware 

    Size:  One Size Belt    -  Adjustable Can Fit Size  Small (S/M)

    Waist Size: About  28" - 30"

    Belt Width : Up to about   6 2/8" 

    Very Special Fashionable Belt

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