Women Fashion Gold Mesh Metal Choker Wide Band Bling Necklace Red Blue Green Bead Bold Look

$ 53.99 $ 15.99

Brand: alwaystyle4you

Trendy Fashion Western Bling Accessory Sexy Jewelry Women Ladies Unique Necklace Weekend Party Look Or Even Cool Work.

Unique and special fashion necklace with great pendant charms for day or night wear all year around summer spring winter and fall

Style : Fashion  -  Sexy Fancy Necklace   

Condition : Brand New

Color : Gold mesh metal chain and band + silver rhinestones + blue green red big beads 
Strand length: About  13"-16" 
Necklace Width: About  1  4/8"

    Very Special And Fashionable Necklace

    Beautiful For Every Day And For A Going Out Night.