Brand New Women Pewter Metal Chain Boot Bracelet Shoe Turquoise Blue Bead Leaf Charms One Size

$ 36.99 $ 16.99

Brand: Alwaystyle4you

Brand New Fancy Western Fashion Sexy Boot Metal Chain Links Fancy Bracelet


Western Bling Fashion Single Boot Strap Chain Bracelet - Metal chain strand charm pendant

We make this item ourselves

This item is made in the U.S.A 

If you want to make them smaller or bigger please let us know (we will add or take of some of the extension chain) 

You are buying a single strap bracelet (one side):

Condition: Brand new

Color:  Pewter color metal chain links and charms + turquoise blue bead 



Size: One size 10"-15"  (length)

  •  You should wear the boot jewelry with some drape from the ankle to prevent breakage of the chain. It is better not to wear it snug or tight fit