New Peter Thomas Roth Travel Size 4Pcs Shampoo /3Pcs Body Lotion /2Pcs Soap Bar

$ 14.99

Brand: Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth
Traveling size
Condition: Brand new
Shampoo: 4 Pcs of Mega rich Shampoo - "rich with biotin B-7 complex, vitamins C E & provitamin B5 for clean shiny nourished healthy looking hair" (Size: 1FL OZ/30ML - each one)
Massaging Bar + Deluxe Shower Cap: 3 Pcs of Massaging Bar for bath (Size: 1.75 OZ/50ML - each one) + 1 Deluxe Shower Cap
Body Lotion: 3 Pcs Mega Rich Body Lotion "rich with vitamins C E & provitamin B5 for soft smooth nourished moisturized skin" (Size: 1FL OZ/30ML - each one)